Meet Energio Holdings

They were mandated by Global Economist Forum (GEF) to establish their presence in Africa

I am telling you this because you may relate

Despite the $60 billion USD budget that GEF had from the United Nations to invest in Ghana, particularly in Healthcare and Agriculture, and the many letters they had sent to Department of Health in an attempt to secure a meeting, they received no response.

That is when they engaged the services of Energio Holdings, based in South Africa, to assist them in establishing in Ghana.

Their goal was fairly similar to yours.

They wanted to establish their presence in Ghana, partner with key business players and grow their revenue.

Energio Holdings struggled as a South African company trying to open doors in Ghana, until they approached Africa Business Expansion, as experts and specialists in business development in Africa.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, there were a couple of rough months in there, but we all stuck to the plan we knew would work in the end. And we are all glad we did.

Energio Holdings is still a client and we have set new goals for the next 12 months which are going great. I asked Fiona, one of the Directors to write a few words on the experience below.

A few words from Fiona:

I sat down with Africa Business Expansion, over a year ago, at a particularly frustrating time. At the time, Energio Holdings had a sole mandate to take a client to Ghana. We had done many of such projects in South Africa and surrounding countries, and we thought it would be a similar process, but met with many hurdles.

That is when we were referred to Africa Business Expansion. They had established networks in Government and Trade and Industry, and facilitated all the meetings and engagements we had failed to do.

I know there are a lot of consultants out there but these guys are absolutely amazing and if you have a decent work ethic, you will get tons out of it. Happy to chat if you want further reassurance.”

– Fiona Zhou | Energio Holdings –

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